SFF have long been able to provide full colour printed One-Way Window Graphics for use in a variety of situations. Now, by utilising patented Contra Vision technology and print methods, it is possible to create eye-catching one-way graphics for both internal and external application.

Printed graphics are an excellent way of transforming glazing into bespoke, professional looking displays, suitable for advertising and branding or simply to add an extra element of interest to the appearance of a building. By using Contra Vision and creating one-way graphics, the opportunities increase still further. Once installed, full colour printed designs are clearly visible from the exterior, whilst those inside the building will retain their view through the glass. The image on the right shows the view from the exterior (graphics visible) next to the view from the interior (view to outside maintained).

There is a Contra Vision solution suitable for almost any situation. Most installations take place on the internal face of glass as this ensures a longer life for the film, but for occasions when an internal fitting isn’t possible, there are also a range of products suitable for external installation.

Contra Vision (One-Way Window Graphics)
This is the most commonly understood method of creating one-way graphics, with the effect created by printing onto a perforated film. The one-way effect can be achieved in two ways. The first option is to print directly onto the film using traditional CMYK colour printing process. The alternative is to print the image in reverse onto the back of the film, followed by a layer of white ink, then a layer of black. This process ensures the graphics are visible from the outside, whilst the view is maintained from the interior.