Image Source: Sign Africa

We have partnered with LG Hausys to provide our clients with the best quality of Signwriting and Graphics Material. We ensured that our partner matches global values in the signwriting and graphics material industry while at the same time ensuring your business, home or vehicle is elegantly marked, and eye-catching enough to be admired by bystanders, this is sure to bring in new business to your company.

So why LG Hausys?

The LG brand is one of the world’s most dominant, quickest and trusted developing brand. LG has received recognition from the Signage Industry worldwide as one of the best Signage and Graphic Material creators.

Reliable, Consistent Quality

Through long years of work, research and development, LG Hausys has substantiated itself again and again as a producer of top-notch products with consistency, reliable and the best quality that the market has to offer at a reasonable cost.

Innovators in the Market

LG Hausys Signwriting and Graphics Material are created using LG’s unique Airfree technology, which permits trapped air to be released during application, making it easier to remove trapped bubbles and increase overall efficiency and productivity. Thus, making the installation process simpler and faster.

Eco-Friendly Efforts

LG Hausys cares about the environment, which is why LG is concerned for nature and is committing assets to create condition neighbourly substances, for example, sans phthalate PSA and corn starch-based biodegradable PSA products, which ensures that there is no harm to the environment. This ties in pleasantly with SFF’s objectives of practicing environmental awareness and diminishing our carbon impression.

For dependable, high quality, eco-friendly sign and graphics material, pick the LG Hausys range from SFF. For additional information on our vinyl and sign and graphic material, visit our Sign and Graphic pages or contact our welcoming staff who are constantly prepared to help.