If you think that a plain window will protect you and your belongings, you are clearly mistaken! If you want to protect what matters to you, then you need LG Hausys signage and graphics.

DID YOUR KNOW FACT: LG Hausys specializes in windows, interior materials, automotive material, and high-performance material parts backed by approx. 4,270 employees across the world.

LG Hausys signage and graphics is a protective coating film that is placed on your windows, the window film provides an aesthetic look for your window and it adds value to your home. The LG Hausys signage and graphics is designed for lamination and window wrapping, the window film comes with a special self-adhesive, for the interior window is easy to apply and a great advantage is the fact that the LG Hausys signage and graphics is not only for a flat surface but also on an irregular surface.

The LG Hausys signage can be used as a privacy film for the office or your home to subject a single room to privacy. Using a trusted window film for the exterior windows of your home, ensure that you not only protect your furniture from fading and reducing it quality, but it also protects you and your family from harmful UV rays. 

With LG Hausys signage, you are not limited to a plain window frosted or grey film window, instead you can customize an image or graphic that you would like to use on the exterior of your office as an advertisement, as an easy display for your store front.

Why choose SFF to do your LG Hausys signage and graphics?

Solar Film Foundation is one of the select few Sign and graphics material distributor of LG Hausys signage and graphics in South Africa. Our partnership with the international brand ensures that this will help grow the LG Hausys brand throughout Southern Africa and the partnership brings the latest, technologically advanced and eco-friendly sign and graphics materials to our clients.

LG’s Hausys Sign and Graphics material range offers vinyl and film solutions for the following:

  • Wall Graphics.
  • Wallpaper.
  • Signage.
  • Vehicle wraps.
  • Lamination.
  • Window solutions.

Why We have partnered with LG:

Why use LG’s Hausys Signage material

  • Eco-Friendly: Shift to eco-friendly materials through the pursuance of diversity in material use (increase ecofriendly products/ materials)
  • Human-Friendly: Set more reliable relationship-oriented customer contact points (strengthen brand power, distribution innovation)
  • Energy Saving: Deliver systems and solutions that maximize energy efficiency (pursue high-quality window/green car materials)
  • Range and Styles: A widest and best range of Sign and Graphics material range.
  • Market Leaders: LG Hausys is Korea’s largest manufacturer of building & decorative materials, high functional materials and automotive materials & components.
  • Durability: Used indoor and out.