The word luxury brings to mind plenty of amenities such as, pools, Jacuzzis, built in braai & entertainment area, man caves, and fully-stocked bars. But what are the luxury items that home buyers want the most?   When a home owner is looking to make some upgrades to their abode, what is the primary need? Is it purely lavish, functionality, return on investment?  All of these needs have some degree of importance, but we believe that there is one item that provides all of these standards and more!  Residential Window Film.

The benefits of residential window films are numerous.  Health, privacy, energy saving, etc…  But the benefits go well beyond.   Some of the residential grade window films are multipurpose, while others simply might just offer privacy.  Total Solar Energy rejection levels for most privacy film is in the 90+% range.  Those numbers equal money in your pocket  after monthly bills are paid.  This same film can offer unlimited privacy for you and your family.

Have you ever noticed what a curtain looks like after 2 or 3 years hanging in the sun…. that’s right, they are faded and broken down from constant UV exposure.  Same thing can be said for furniture pieces that are in UV exposure areas.   If protecting your property and belongings is important, window film is an extremely cost effective way to go about it.

Like most the people in this world, cost for a product or upgrades factor into purchasing decisions.  When weighing options on what upgrades make the most sense your determining factors might be based on if you will see a return on investment.   You obviously want to add value to your home and gain resale value.  Window film will add value to the property.  The other factor that you should understand is you will also save money with your heating a cooling cost.  These are great selling points when putting a home on the market.   Window film will reduce your Summer cooling cost by an average of 30%.  In the winter months, the film will act as an extra barrier of insulation again saving you costs.   The comfort effects of residential window film can be immense, with temperature staying steady for much longer periods of time between HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) cycles

Savings from professionally installed window film can be felt.  Comfort levels in your home stay steady longer.  More money in your pocket as costs of electricity bills are lower. We know there are some luxury items that you must have, window film should be on that list.