SFF has introduced a new line of signage graphics to our portfolio – Floor Graphics.

Floor graphics are becoming more and more common in any retail shop where customers walk or stand. You can see them in retail outlets, malls and even airports. “Many stores use floor graphics to announce their hottest specials and introduce new products. Unheard of a few years ago, sales for this new medium are growing rapidly. Floor graphics are as effective as more conventional POP (Point of Purchase) displays in stimulating sales of impulse products, such as snack foods, by as much as 10%. Sales for some consumer products are reportedly 20-30% higher at stores with floor graphics. Ground level advertising is effective because most people naturally focus their eyes downward, looking where they walk as they push their shopping carts. As an advertising medium, floor graphics complement and reinforce other advertising messages and campaigns. Compared to newspapers, outdoor advertising, radio and TV, floor graphics are cost effective, with prices starting from R300 per RM for the printed piece. By dovetailing with other marketing programs, floor graphics strengthen brand recognition. In addition, by reinforcing an advertising message, these graphics influence buying decisions — most consumers do not choose which brand to buy until after they enter a store.

Floor graphics are also perfect for sports arenas, eateries and home use in children’s bedrooms.

Therefore, without a doubt it is time to invest in floor graphics. Educate your clients on the benefits listed above and add floor graphics to your product offerings.  SFF is here to assist you from concept to completion of floor graphics, with our designers and print studio at your disposal.