SFF supplies and installs a range of solar films, each designed to reduce the build-up of heat within your premises.

Excess heat can make buildings hot and uncomfortable, potentially causing problems in almost any room with windows. An application of heat reduction film by SFF is an efficient and straightforward way to tackle the problem.

Our solar film can be applied to existing windows and is available in a range of grades, shades and colours. Each heat reduction film varies in appearance and performance, with the most popular being High Reflective Silver – a high performance film that can reduce excess heat by up to 80%, whilst allowing natural light to pass through your glazing. We offer samples of each film type free of charge, allowing you to see first-hand how each product performs.

SFF offers a nationwide installation service, with teams of fully trained and experienced fitters available to complete the fitting on your behalf. We can install film internally and externally and are fully equipped with access equipment, allowing us to complete jobs at risky heights or in difficult to reach areas.

An application of solar film can have numerous other benefits including preventing glare and fading caused by harmful UV rays and reducing energy consumption by reducing the strain on air conditioning units. This can help you save money on energy bills, and we offer an energy efficiency survey to help illustrate the savings an application of window film at your premises could do. (Please note, the survey is only appropriate for buildings that match certain criteria.) Whatever the size of your building or the scale of your problem, we’ll be able to help.

Our trained Heat Reduction Film staff are on hand to talk through your requirements and to suggest the best possible solution for your particular situation.