Custom Wallpaper for Office can transform your work space into an inviting and vibrant environment that more appropriately expresses what your business is all about. Custom Wallpapers can add colour and appeal to your office walls and give you the opportunity to prominently display your business logo. As opposed to painted wall murals where the designs available are limited to a paint colour selection and the artist’s capabilities, custom wallpaper for office uses high quality inks that can match any colour scheme, and the different materials available can also be incorporated into existing material palettes. Many retail stores are using custom wallpaper to print logos and pop out signs, but wall murals can also be used for pictorial representations that fit with a space’s overall design, from paintings and photographs to abstracts. Because they are removable, many shops are using wall murals rather than permanent wallpaper to display motif prints as focal points or secondary patterns and they can be placed nearly anywhere.

Placement flexibility is another significant benefit of custom wallpapers. custom wallpaper for office can be ordered in poster sizes up to commercial wall wraps and every size in between and can be oriented vertically or horizontally. Like traditional wallpaper, it can be sized to fit walls that are linear or curved and cut around doorways. This is useful in any openly viewed space with door frames present, from dressing rooms to hallways. custom wallpaper for office can even be used to wrap columns, an application many designers have used to great effect. Custom wallpaper can also be framed to draw attention to a promotion or to the space where it’s located.

custom wallpaper for office walls, design custom panels, cover doors, or trim to fit nooks and crannies for an unexpected quirky surprise. Dress up the interior of an elevator, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in your stairwell, get zen with the beach in your living room. Let your imagination run wild – get creative!