Coloured window films are highly effective and cost efficient way to transforming the appearance of windows and glass. With a range of colours, finishes and film types available, SFF is guaranteed to be able to give your glazing eye catching makeover.

Different Coloured window films for any requirements

Coloured Decorative film from SFF will instantly transform the appearance of your glass. An application of coloured decorative  film can achieve privacy, meet manifestation requirements, incorporate branding elements and logos or simply provide an attractive decorative effect.

Transparent Coloured window films

SFF’s transparent Coloured Decorative film are sold by the roll or can be custom cut to fit any size of glass. coloured decorative film will instantly transform the appearance of the glass while still allowing vision from bothe sides. These films are perfect for situations where the view needs to remain unaffected and light levels maintained, the nature of the film allowing for a high level of light transmission.

Solid Vinyl

SFF’s range of opaque coloured decorative vinyls will block out all vision and light as it covers the glass or wall. Theses may be printed on to and cut out in intricate designs to suit all purposes. Both the transparent and solid coloured decorative film can be cut out and printed on to provide branding solutions and company colours in uniformity.