There are many different types of fun car stickers (Car Decals Durban) available and it can get confusing. Therefore, Solar Film Foundation (SFF) has narrowed it down to their most popular products and of course you can choose from a variety of Car Decals Durban, they have to offer.

The material at your famous car decals distributor warehouse is large enough to stack every possible car decal in Durban. They will customize your graphics to fit and charge you by the meter. There are no minimum quantities.

  • Computer Cut / Kiss Cut Stickers

Solar Film Foundation (SFF) signs have a variety of cutting machinery where they can kiss or die cut vinyl film. Cut out lettering normally refers to decals that have been “kiss cut”. Your professional Car Decals Durban removes the excess vinyl and applies application tape to the remaining letters still on the backing. These decals are simple to apply, just remove the backing paper apply the decal with a squeegee and then remove the application tape.

  • Die Cut Stickers / Decals

At Solar Film Foundation (SFF) they also have Die cut decals of which refers to shapes that need to be cut out through the top film and backing paper. Their flatbed cutting machine can be used to cut your decals to shape, a good example are license discs, bumper stickers etc. Your famous Car Decals distributor can also cut a variety of substrates like ABS and Correx boards.

  • Removable Stickers

This is one of their best-selling products at SFF. This product is revolutionary, allowing you to reuse your decals over and over again. This sticker can be applied to any surface from a vehicle to a storefront to shopping mall floor. If the campaign is changing, you can simply remove the sticker as easily as it was applied. Best of all they can be reused again later.

  • Truck Safety Stickers

Also for the fleet industry they manufacture a wide range of safety decals.

Now that you know of the various car decals Durban stockist SFF has available. What would your choice of car decal be?  For more information, please go to Solar Film Foundation (SFF)