Security window films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered. Safety  film can provide both one-way and two-way privacy, and can be printed to feature graphics or logos, as well as being combined with safety and security films.

A good and experienced window film provider like SFF understands that  window film is very different from solar window film. Though some security film will block solar radiation, the primary purpose of  security film is to prevent shards of flying glass from injuring occupants if the window breaks. Causes of breakage can include bomb blasts, hurricanes, seismic events, or people attempting forced entry through a window. Security film encapsulates the glass, so the glass doesn’t shatter into small pieces that go flying.

Security film is significantly thicker than solar control film, which is generally 1 to 4 mil thick. While solar control film is applied only to the part of the window that is visible, security film is installed into the window system itself by a process known as anchoring. The value of  window film in protecting windows and buildings occupants has been recognized by the federal government and it is no doubt to say all government buildings have some type of window film or protective glazing on the windows.

Security window film can provide the following benefits:

  • Security window film can increase the strength of the window, which can delay or prevent entry by a burglar.
  • Window film can reduce injuries caused by flying glass when the window is shattered. This could occur because of an accident, an act of vandalism, a bomb blast, or a natural disaster.
  • Certain types of window film can provide benefits not directly related to security. These can include tinting of the window, reduction of the heat passing through the glass, and the reduction of damages caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Installation of Security Window Film

Security film is most commonly installed on a retrofit basis on the inside of existing windows. The installation is done at the job site and involves the cutting and applying of the film to the surface of the glass of each window. The film is attached using a special adhesive and must be carefully installed to eliminate creases and air bubbles. Correctly installing security window film requires a high degree of skill and is generally done by professional installers.

You might be wondering how thick should window film be right? Window film typically ranges in thickness from 1 mils to 4 mils.