As the temperature drops and we hesitantly welcome the start of winter, chances are less tinting opportunities will roll through your shop as the colder months arrive. Summer is usually a hot season for tint sales, so how do you prepare your window-film shop for the slow winter season? We have an idea that could ensure your tint sales remain hot year-round, no matter the weather. The answer is PPF.

If you weren’t pushing paint protection film (PPF), now’s the time to start. It’s a year-round product that has benefits for all seasons, but it can really help drive-in cold season sales.

Those who have added PPF to their repertoire are now working on growing these lucrative product clusters as part of their businesses.
One of the most common ways to promote PPF has been through relationships with car dealerships. Dealerships, especially high-end ones, receive hundreds of pristine cars and are looking for a way to keep those cars in perfect condition. The key here to promote your product to local dealerships, have pre-cut samples and different microns of film available to show potential clients a way forward. Show them how the product will benefit them, and their clientele. Know all your facts and figures so you would be able to answer any question at the drop of a hat. As with any other new product on the market, it will be difficult to break through all barriers, asking the dealership to use the film on a demo car would be easier, than to have the film applied onto an expensive, brand new car in the showroom.

If this is accomplished at the showroom itself, you are well on your way to being a preferred local installer, and the dealership themselves would recommend you to all new clientele, after purchase. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and all businesses should take full advantage of it.

Aim high and start big, the rest will take care of itself. – If all the clientele from the dealership are happy with the quality of film and work done, they will recommend you to their social group.

While many still believe that a service such as a Paint Protection Film would only appeal to those consumers who buy expensive high-end cars, there has been a spike in average cars getting the protection they need.

For PPF installers one of the major struggles has been educating consumers and car dealers about the benefits of the product. Some dealerships may not feel comfortable recommending the product to its consumers without believing in it. It is a difficult barrier to break through, but once you’re in, the potential is tremendous, as the business is extremely lucrative – but consistency and respect is key.